Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club

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Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club (CRWGC)

2019 New Member Application

CRWGC membership is open to all women 18 yrs. or older. On joining, a member will declare her 'initial course' as either a member of CRWGC or as a SCGA Multi-Member and identify her initial course.

All members receive a discounted rate to play Cypress Ridge on scheduled play days; and a 10% Pro Shop discount on merchandise.

Questions: call or text Pro Shop at (805) 474-7979.

Please Print:

Name: ________________________________Date: __________

Birthday (optional): ___________________________

Address: ______________________________________________


Phone: _________________ Cell Phone: _________________

E-Mail: ____________________________________________

May we use the above information in our Roster? ____________

Do you have an existing Handicap? If so, please specify your organization and number:

Organization (SCGA, NCGA, etc): ________________________

Member/GHIN #: __________________

Will Cypress Ridge be your initial club? __________

If not, please specify your initial club: _________________________________

2019 dues are $70 ( SCGA-$36; CRWGC-$34 )

Please note: when joining you must pay SCGA dues; multi-club SCGA members are eligible to receive a partial SCGA dues refund after a minimum of 60 days of multi status.

If paying by check make payable to Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club

If you prefer to pay by credit card you may do so through the SCGA: Link to SCGA to pay by credit card

Please return completed form and check (if applicable) to:

Pro Shop
Membership Chairman CRWGC

We, the Members of the Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club,
look forward to meeting you and having you join us on the course!