Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club

Constitution and By-Laws

Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club - 2003, as amended 2005, 2009

Article I

Section 1:
The name of the organization shall be known as "Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club" (a non-profit organization).

Article II

Object of the Club

Section 1:
The purpose of the organization is to promote and foster among the members a closer bond and fraternity for their joint and mutual benefit, and to promote and conserve the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions.

Section 2:
To encourage conformance to the USGA Rules of Golf, to provide, adopt and administer handicapping conditions, and to govern the playing of golf among its members.

Section 3:
To cooperate with the golf course management in improvement and protection of the course.

Section 4:
To comply with all requirements of Federal and California law permitting the exemption of nonprofit social and recreation clubs from income taxation (Section 501-(7) of the Internal Revenue code), including, but not limited to the following:
  1. Discrimination prohibited. The organization shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color or religion.
  2. Private benefit prohibited. No part of the organization's net earnings may benefit any person having a personal and private interest in the activities of the organization. All undistributed earnings shall be used solely to benefit
  3. Purposes. All members of the organization are bound together by a common objective of pleasure, recreation, and other non-profitable purposes.

Article III


Section 1:
Membership in this club shall be open to women golfers over 18 years of age. Memberships in the club are individual and non-transferable. Memberships in the club are for a calendar year only. The fiscal year for the club will be January 1 through December 31.

Section 2:
Each member is responsible for notifying the Tournament Chair of any extended absences.

Article IV

Executive Board

Section 1:
The Officer's Executive Board shall consist of the following officers:
Elected: President, Vice President, Treasure and Secretary. Appointed: Handicap Chair, Rules chair, Tournament Chair, Membership Chair, Hospitality/Sunshine, Publicity Chair, and Association Representative. The immediate Past President shall act as an advisor to the board.

Article V


Section 1:
Elections shall be held annually. Elected officers shall take office on the following first of January.

Section 2
At a General meeting, the members shall elect two members from the general membership to the nominating committee. The Board shall appoint a third member. The President shall appoint the Chair of the Committee.

Section 3:
It shall be the duty of the nominating committee to select a list of candidates for nomination as the elected officers and committee chairs to serve during the ensuing year. The slate shall consist of the nominations for each office and shall be presented to the membership. Nominations may be made by contacting the nominating committee.

Article VI


Section 1:
There shall be a minimum of four general membership meetings a year to be held at locations designated by the President.

Section 2:
At any general meeting, the member's present shall constitute the quorum.

Section 3:
The President shall schedule board meetings as deemed necessary.

Article VII


Section 1:
Upon joining the Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club, each new member shall pay the yearly dues as stated in the standing rules.

Article VIII

Duties of the Executive Board and other Committee Chairmen

Section 1:
President: She will preside at all meetings of the Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club and shall perform such duties as usually devolve upon an executive officer of organization. She shall appoint chairmen of such committees as shall be deemed necessary to further the purpose of the club.

Section 2:
Vice President: She shall perform the duties of the President during her absence or disability and shall serve as a club representative. She shall perform such duties as may be assigned to her by the President, such as chairing the President's Cup competition, coordinating team play and appointment of team captains.

Section 3:
Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds, and shall pay all bills, and sign all checks. The Treasurer shall give a report on the club's finances at all general and board meetings. The Treasurer's books are subject to audit.

Section 4:
Secretary: The Secretary shall record the minutes of all board and general meetings, shall conduct routine correspondence and such correspondence as may be required by the board of directors.

Section 5:
Past President: She shall act in an advisory capacity to the board.

Section 6:
Tournament Chair: She shall be Chair of the tournament committee. She shall have charge of all tournaments and competitions of the club except as otherwise provided. The Tournament Chair shall prepare the yearly tournament schedule and shall consult with the pro shop to avoid conflicting dates. She shall maintain an account of sweepstakes funds. She shall send the results of weekly games, tournaments and competitions to local newspapers.

Section 7:
Handicap Chair: She shall be certified by the WPLGA and shall be responsible for posting and forwarding computer sheets on the required dates of each month. She shall also review posted scores and be responsible for any matters relating to handicapping.

Section 8:
Rules Chair: She shall be responsible for interpreting USGA rules and implementing local rules as they become necessary.

Section 9:
Membership Chair: She will accept applications for membership and arrange for introductory games. She will keep membership records.

Section 10:
Sunshine/Hospitality Chair: She shall send cards and greetings to members for appropriate occasions. She shall assist with club events as needed.

Section 11:
Publicity Chair: She shall photograph events and members as needed. She shall publicize major club events in local papers, TV and radio stations.

Section 12:
Association Representative: She shall advise the Treasurer in collecting and accounting for Association dues. She shall attend Association meetings and report back to the club. She shall notify members of upcoming events and encourage members to participate in Association events.

Section 13:
Invitational Chair/Rally for the Cure: She shall chair the Rally Committee and appoint members as necessary to facilitate the Rally. She shall consult with the Pro Shop to schedule the Rally on the first Thursday of October.

Section 14:
Design: She shall design, edit and publish the CRWGC Newsletter and other design projects as needed for the club.

All executive board members and Committee Chairmen shall keep and maintain procedures books, which they shall pass onto their successors.

Article IX


Section 1:
Any proposed changes in these by-laws must be presented at a regular or special board of directors meetings and then shall be posted for two (2) weeks prior to presentation. A majority vote of the membership or, in the alternative, a two thirds vote of those present and voting at a regular or section general meeting is required for adoption.

Section 2:
Any adopted amendments of the by-laws shall be published in a revised edition within that calendar year.

These by-laws, read and approved by members of the Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club are accepted by:

Amendments to the Cypress Ridge Women's golf Club were approved by the membership at the July 7, 2005 general meeting and at the August 20, 2009 general meeting.