Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club

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Calendar for the year 2017

January5Regular Play - Tee Times
12Honor Rolynn Free Lunch
19Regular Play - Tee Times
26Regular Play - Tee Times
February2Winter Eclectic
9Winter Eclectic
Association Day at Blacklake
Feb. 10 General Mtg./Workshops Alhambra Golf Course
16Winter Eclectic
23Winter Eclectic
28A Team Chalk Mt. at Monarch
March2Winter Eclectic
Regular Play - Shot Gun
6A Team Morro Bay at Cypress Ridge
9Regular Play - Tee Times
13A Team Cypress Ridge at Monarch and Morro Bay at Chalk Mt
16Presidents Cup
20A Team Chalk Mt. at Morro Bay and Monarch at Cypress Ridge
23Presidents Cup
27A Team Monarch at Morro Bay and Chalk Mt. at Cypress Ridge
30Presidents Cup
March 27 A Team Morro Bay
April Regular Play - Shot Gun
Presidents Cup
Away From Home Tournament at 0
10A Team Cypress Ridge at Morro Bay and Monarch at Chalk Mt.
13Regular Play - Tee Times
Association Day at Chalk Mountain
17A Team Morro Bay at Monarch and Cypress Ridge at Chalk Mt.
20Regular Play - Shot Gun
24A Team Finals at Alisal
27Regular Play - Tee Times
May4Regular Play - Tee Times
May 5 Paso Invitational
Regular Play - Tee Times
18No Play---Realtors Tournament
25Regular Play - Tee Times
Guest Day
June1Regular Play - Tee Times
8Association Day at Cypress
15Regular Play - Shot Gun
22Regular Play - Tee Times
June 20.21/Eclectic/El Cajon/WLPGA
29Club Championship
Blacklake Invitational
July6Club Championship
13Club Championship
Association Day at Morro Bay
20Club Championship
27Regular Play - Shot Gun
Free Lunch
August3Summer Eclectic
10Summer Eclectic
Association Day at Blacklake
Avila Beach Dolphin Day
17Summer Eclectic
Aug. 14-15 WPLGASC Champ Final
24Summer Eclectic
31Regular Play - Tee Times
September7Regular Play - Tee Times
Far Away Tournament at 0
Sept. 6,7,8 SLOCC Invitational
14Regular Play - Tee Times
Association Day at 0
21Regular Play - Tee Times
28General Meeting
Free Lunch/Member Dues Collection
October5Rally For Hope
12Regular Play - Tee Times
Association Day at Hunter Ranch
19Regular Play - Tee Times
Morro Bay Monarch Invitational
26Regular Play - Tee Times
November2Regular Play - Tee Times
SLO County Amateur
9Regular Play - Tee Times
Association Day at River Course Alisal
16Regular Play - Shot Gun
23Thanksgiving - No Play
30Regular Play - Tee Times
Annual Meeting & Elections at 0
December7Regular Play - Shot Gun
Holiday Party Luncheon
14Regular Play - Tee Times
21Christmas Holiday - No Play
28Christmas Holiday - No Play