Cypress Ridge Women's Golf Club

Courtesy And Etiquette

Be aware of your speed of play!
It should take you no longer than 4 hrs. and 15 min. to play.

  • Play Ready Golf
  • Always keep the players ahead of you in sight
  • Go to the next tee before stating and recording your scores
  • After a shot has been played, proceed to the next shot
  • Clean and replace clubs while your partner is getting ready to hit
  • Play your shot while someone is looking for a lost ball (making sure those in your group know you are going to hit your ball)
  • Align your putt while others are putting or aligning their putts, making sure to stay out of the putte's line of sight and avoiding any unnecessary movements
  • Keep your pre-shot routine to a minimum
  • If in a cart, don't wait for your partner to hit before driving to your ball
  • Minimize trips back to the cart by walking with a few clubs and your putter whenever you get close to the green or when you are not allowed to drive carts on the fairway
  • If you have fallen behind, the first two to putt out may go immediately to the next tee

Be courteous and thoughtful to other players and the golf course:

  • Do not move or talk while another player is playing a shot
  • Do not stand in a player's line of vision
  • Repair all ball marks on the putting green
  • Replace fairway divots and/or fill with sand
  • When approaching a green, wait for the players ahead to completely clear the green before hitting your shot
  • After arriving at a green, park carts/bags on the side toward the next hole, not in front of the green